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Podcast Interviews

| The New Books Network

As a podcast host for the New Book Network’s New Books in Literature channel, I interview many emerging writers about their upcoming nonfiction debuts. The goal of my channel is to reserve a space on the podcast for books by new writers, especially women, writers of color, queer-identifying writers, writers with disabilities, and other voices who need more attention called to the great work they do.


The New Books Network is a public-spirited project aimed at spreading the word about serious books to a wide audience. In 2019, the New Books Network published 1,500 episodes and received 8.5 million individual downloads, making us one of the biggest podcast networks in the world. Our episodes are available for download across audio platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, etc. and are publicized on our social media accounts, which together boast thousands of followers.


My waitlist of authors is usually somewhat long, but if you or someone you know has a debut book of nonfiction (upcoming or published within the last 2 years) that would make a good candidate for an episode, send me a message. Please note that due to the number of books currently on my list, I am unable to consider self-published books for interviews at this time.

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