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Zoë Bossiere (she/they) is a nonfiction writer and the managing editor of Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction. She is the coeditor of The Best of Brevity (Rose Metal Press, 2020) and The Lyric Essay as Resistance: Truth from the Margins (Wayne State UP, 2023). They are also an interview podcast host for the New Books Network's Literature channel.

Their debut memoir, Cactus Country (Abrams Books, May 2024), chronicles her experiences growing up as a trans boy in a Tucson, Arizona trailer park.




The Beetle King

by Zoë Bossiere


"At home in my family’s Airstream I was my parents’ youngest daughter, but up in the paloverde I felt like one of the boys."

Fear in the Time of the Javelina

by Zoë Bossiere


"A younger boy swore he’d seen one of the pigs standing on its hind legs, peering through his trailer window."


Ghostly Woman

by Zoë Bossiere


"I had never lived in a real haunted house. I didn’t know what any of the rules were. Could her presence cause physical harm?"


Wherever You Go, There You Are

by Zoë Bossiere


"While many listeners can agree 'I've Never Been to Me' is, in fact, very bad, why do we still remember what is, on its face, a crappy song by a woman with a short, arguably unremarkable musical career?"

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